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Have you experienced a physical health set-back? Is it affecting your mental health? 
Howard Head Sports Medicine’s Sport Psychology program provides specialized behavioral health care focused on the mental component of physical set-backs. Addressing the psychological aspects of physical performance enhances patients’ overall health and quality of life. 

Assessment options include: 
•    Pre-surgical psychological evaluations 
•    Post-surgical psychological screening 
•    Pre- and post-concussion evaluations
•    Return to sport/work evaluations

Performance optimization interventions include:
•    Individual consultations
•    Clinical/Mental health-related therapy (depression, anxiety, grief)
•    Post-injury mental skill-building (mental imagery, goal-setting, coping skills)
•    Psychophysiological interventions (biofeedback, pain management)
•    Performance-oriented mental skill-building (focus, imagery, emotional regulation)
•    Group consultations (injury recovery, chronic pain)

Dr. Harlan Austin is a performance optimization psychologist who received his BA in psychology from The Ohio State University, his MA in counseling from New Mexico State University and his PhD in counseling psychology with a specialization in sport psychology from the University of North Texas. He has national certifications in sport psychology, as well as addiction counseling. Dr. Austin has lectured and presented at national conventions on the topics of sport and performance psychology, clinical sport psychology and athlete rehabilitation. In his spare time, Dr. Austin enjoys spending time with family, climbing 14ers, and being outside anywhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Dr. Harlan Austin Phd, CMPC, MAC
429 Edwards Access Road, #A207
Edwards, CO  81632

Schedule your appointment by calling (970) 422-3031.

What is Sport Psychology?

Sports Psychology can be an integral part of any athlete's journey, to either higher performance, or when recovering from setbacks.