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Contact the Howard Head SafeHealth team at (970) 471-6808 to find out more about our programs.

SafeHealth Class Schedule

Community SafeHealth Program

Vail Health's community SafeHealth© program guides and encourages uninsured and underinsured Eagle County residents to develop healthier habits. With 18% of Eagle County residents uninsured, more than triple the state average of 6.5%, filling the gap in health care services for the uninsured is essential. The program, which is a proven model used internally at Vail Health to successfully improve employees’ health and wellness, will be offered free of charge and addresses the health and wellness of this vulnerable population. Community SafeHealth is a collaborative effort with experts within the Vail Health system from Howard Head Sports Medicine, Colorado Mountain Medical, Vail Health Behavioral Health (VHBH), and community partners MIRA (Mobile Intercultural Resource Alliance), Neighborhood Navigators, My Future Pathways, and others. 

Corporate SafeHealth Program

SafeHealth© is a 12-week corporate fitness and wellness program that focuses on preventing injuries and creating healthier and stronger individuals. SafeHealth includes functional movement and strength screening, body composition testing and consultations with a licensed dietitian. Over the 12 weeks, participants focus on mobility techniques, recovery techniques, strength training, and cardio training in small group sessions. Benefits for participants include: improved physical performance, learning proper lifting techniques, increased energy, improved sleep quality, reduced stress and an opportunity to build community with fellow coworkers.