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Occupational Health Services

Scheduling: Frank Gowens, Patient Representative, Edwards, email or call (970) 569-7777
Clinical Questions: Michael Granzin, MSPT, MHA, cMDT, email or call (970) 569-7777

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
  • The FCE is a series of tests used to evaluate the worker’s objective, physical capability to perform work tasks such as repetitive lifting, reaching, standing, grasping, walking, etc.  
  • Matches the ability of the worker to perform a specific job, task, or tolerance to sustained postures or activities. Each FCE is adapted for the specific injury and job requirements of the injured worker.  
  • 6 hours to complete
  • The referring physician will be provided with a detailed assessment upon completion including results of the testing performed by an FCE certified physical or occupational therapist. 
  • A FCE is performed when the level of disability, appropriate job match, or physical capabilities need objective measurements.  
  • Performed in Edwards clinic only.

Work Hardening (WH)
  • Work hardening is an individualized, highly-structured rehabilitation program designed to help injured workers return to their pre-injury work level in a safe and timely manner. 
  • Aims to help patients regain their biomechanical, cardiovascular, metabolic, and neuromuscular functions in conjunction with their work tasks.  
  • Often provided as a ‘post-physical therapy’ program, WH focuses on getting the injured worker’s mind and body ready for a full work-day after max medical improvement has been achieved with the injured body part.  
  • Focus of WH is on fitness, and getting ready for a return to work; not on pain reduction.
  • Sessions are 2+ hours long / day, and generally run for 2x / week for 6 weeks.  
  • Requested when an injured worker needs whole body strength and physical capability improvements to return to work.
  • Can be performed at multiple locations.

Work-Site Evaluation (WSE)
  • A WSE provides an on-site assessment of a worker’s work-space, repetitive movement or lifting requirements, work stresses, ergonomics, and / or equipment modification.  
  • The physical therapist will provide a recommendation of work-space modifications or equipment requirements, recommended postural / ergonomic changes, or exercise prescription based on the symptoms, stresses, and work requirements.  
  • A detailed assessment will be provided to the referring physician upon completion including results of testing and recommended modifications to maximize safety and work stress tolerances.  
  • Requested when an injured worker has either ergonomic or repetitive stress situations at work which are aggravating symptoms or limiting progress in therapy.  
  • Evaluation is generally 1 hour long. 

Pre-Employment Screens
  • Evaluation of potential employee’s ability to safely perform work related duties.
  • Range of motion, strength tests, lifting techniques and tolerances.
  • Work Specific stress tests.