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Total Joint Therapy

Our total joint program at Howard Head Sport Medicine focuses on a team approach between the surgeons, nurses, physical, and occupational therapists.  The first part of this team approach begins with your pre-operative physical therapy session where you will work with a physical therapist to prepare you for a successful surgery. It is highly recommended you participate in a pre-operative session as this session is created for you to be prepared to achieve the best possible outcome after your surgery however it is not required prior to surgery. The pre-operative physical therapy session includes pre-operative education material for you and your care partner, prescribing pre-operative exercises tailored to your specific needs to get you ready for your procedure, and discussion regarding expectation setting about your surgery and recovery experience.

After your surgery, you will work with our acute care physical and occupational therapists that will work with you to ensure you are safe and ready to go home with your care partner. Once you are safe to go home, you will begin working with our outpatient physical therapy team focusing on restoring your range of motion, walking normally, and your overall strength and wellness to return you to your active lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I know if a pre-operative physical therapy session is right for me?
Preoperative physical therapy sessions are available to all total joint replacement patients and their care partners to be well prepared for their surgery. These sessions are meant to provide physical and mental confidence prior to a joint replacement surgery. These sessions are uniquely tailored to each individual patient and provide an opportunity for patients to have their questions answered about their surgical experience.

Should I exercise before surgery?
Yes, you should complete the preparation exercises as prescribed by your physical therapist and/or physician to prepare you for a successful recovery.

Will I need help at home after surgery?
Yes, you should have your Care Partner designated and fully prepared to assist you at home for one to two weeks after surgery?

Will I need physical therapy after surgery?
Your physician will provide a physical therapy order based on your specific joint replacement procedure outlining frequency and duration. This is intended to help you achieve full and successful recovery.

Will I be able to drive after surgery?
You will be cleared to drive depending on your specific surgical procedure and physician suggestions.