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Joint Health for All Seasons

Traci J. Macnamara
Longer days, chirping birds and muddy snowmelt puddles are just a few signs that spring is here. Inspired by the changing season, many of us are also starting to think about tuning up bikes, dusting off trail shoes, and getting ready for the activities we love to do when it warms up outside. 

Moving in new ways as the seasons change can remind us of the need to strengthen muscles or broaden our range of motion as we turn to different activities. It can also be a time to check in on lingering aches and pains, especially those in our joints that might have been there throughout the last season—or even long before that. 

Most people who live in our area stay active all year long, but if you’ve noticed that joint pain is holding you back, then take some action to reverse that trend this spring. The experts at Howard Head Sports Medicine (HHSM) are equipped to evaluate pain and provide individualized treatment plans that help reduce pain, restore function, strengthen and prevent further wear and tear.  

Joint Pain: Don’t Ignore It

The causes of joint pain include arthritis, overuse and injuries such as sprains or broken bones. Common areas for joint pain include the knees, shoulders and back. For some, joint pain develops into chronic pain, a heightened and prolonged pain response. 

Whether you’re looking to achieve a personal record this summer or just get back to the activities you love, here are some ways that the teams at HHSM can help you optimize your joint health: 

Joint Health for Everyday Activity 

If joint pain is keeping you from doing everyday activities like playing with a child, taking the stairs, or standing up and sitting down without pain, now is the time to schedule an appointment with HHSM’s physical therapy team. Physical therapists evaluate and assess current limitations, and they then use this information to design a personalized treatment plan. With an expert guiding the process, adjustments can be made to match your progress toward reduced pain and increased activity.  

Joint Health for Moderate and High Activity

If you’re looking to achieve moderate or high activity levels this summer, it’s important to address lingering joint pain now while being proactive in preventing new pain as you shift into different activities. HHSM’s physical therapy teams can develop sport-specific treatment plans for strengthening muscles and protecting joints. 

HHSM’s Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), for example, works with those who play golf to address physical limitations and prevent golf injuries that could affect the back, hip or shoulder. With other services including bike fits and gait analysis, cyclists and runners also have extra support available from physical therapists, who can help prevent and treat pain related to these activities. 

Joint Health for Achieving Your Personal Best

Even elite athletes and high-performing recreational athletes have joint pain. While HHSM’s physical therapists are available to help people of all ages overcome pain and get back to the activities they love, Howard Head Performance focuses specifically on elevating physical performance. 

If you’re chasing a personal record or training for a specific athletic goal, the teams at Howard Head Performance can help you achieve it by working with you to design a performance plan for higher levels of success. Howard Head Performance makes the same world-class partners, facilities, technologies and specialists who work with elite athletes available to those in our local community. 

While the changing season is a good time to consider your current level of joint health, positive improvements made this season can continue to have positive impacts in the future. Using a variety of treatment methods to address pain and improve joint health, Howard Head Sports Medicine is dedicated to getting you back to the activities you love—this season and in the seasons to come. 

If you've been living with joint pain, don't ignore it any longer.