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Haims: Treating pain starts with understanding it

Judson Haims

For the past couple of months, Judson Haims, the owner of Visiting Angels, has sat with Howard Head Sports Medicine's physical therapists Doug Emerson and Elie (Hsu) Sabins to learn about how new pain research is being integrated into the physical therapy practices at Howard Head. The following is part of the second installment in a series of columns addressing pain.

Pain has been an evolutionary part of our existence. Not only has it been learned and ingrained in our neural pathways, but it also protects us from danger.

Unfortunately, in a time of history where many people believe that a pill can solve almost anything, too many of us have forgotten that there are other options. It is now possible that one of the easiest ways to treat pain is to increase our understanding of it.

Pain has become a burgeoning field of research and, little by little, it’s finding ways into our daily lives. In an effort to get a better understanding of how we are benefiting from this new research, I have sat with Dr. Elie Sabins, a physical therapist and therapeutic pain specialist at Howard Head Sports Medicine in Vail. This is the second part of a multi-part series on this topic.

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