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Haims: Hurt doesn't necessarily equal harm

Judson Haims

For the past couple of months, Judson Haims, the owner of Visiting Angels, has sat with Howard Head Sports Medicine's physical therapists Doug Emerson and Elie (Hsu) Sabins to learn about how new pain research is being integrated into the physical therapy practices at Howard Head. The following is part of the third installment in a series of columns addressing pain.

Pain is more than just an unpleasant feeling that can be irritating or even self-debilitating. Pain can have emotional and psychological effects as well. By understanding how the nervous system functions, in some cases, we may be able to moderate how our central nervous system responds to the warning signals of pain.

In this third installment of columns addressing pain, I will speak with Dr. Elie (Hsu) Sabins, a physical therapist and therapeutic pain specialist at Howard Head Sports Medicine to learn about how our understanding of pain can help rehabilitation.

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