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Kelsey Ross


Contact (970) 569-7777

Kelsey is originally from the beaches of Southern California. She earned her doctorate of physical therapy from Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona. Kelsey opened a TMD focused clinic in West L.A. in 2016 with a colleague, working closely with local dentists and oral surgeons. She has worked in a variety of settings in 4 different states as a traveling physical therapist since 2018. She is trained in the LSVT BIG protocol designed for patients/clients living with Parkinson’s disease. She works to create a safe space for healing the mind, body and spirit and utilizes a manual therapy treatment approach paired with an individualized functional strengthening program. Her focus is empowerment through education. Kelsey is passionate about getting people back to the quality of life they deserve.


  • Howard Head Sports Medicine - Beaver Creek 1280 Village Road
    Beaver Creek, CO 81620
    (970) 949-5522