Howard Head Sport Medicine helps athletes of all levels rebuild their body and spirit.  We’re now partnering with EXOS, a human performance company that has become a leader in proactive health and performance. Howard Head Performance Powered by EXOS will design and deliver health and performance plans that guide people to achieve higher levels of success through an integrated system of EXOS four pillars of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery. With world-class partners, facilities, technologies, and specialists, we will help you reach your goals.
Mindset  - work towards a goal and understand what it requires to accomplish it, achieve a state of mind that allows you to perform at your best.
Nutrition – fuels the brain and body, providing foundational support to maximize performance and stay mentally and physically strong throughout the day.
Movement – incidental and structured movement; improving the quality of movement so you experience better performance results and less pain.
Recovery – strategies that allow the mind and body to repair recharge and upgrade during rest.  
Locations open in Vail, Edwards and Breckenridge.  

Program Includes Semi-Private & Group Performance Training

  • Small groups of 5 or fewer participants
  • Individualized programming tailored to clients’ needs and wants based upon the physiological demands of their lifestyle or sport
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Post workout supplementation
  • Slightly larger groups, no more than 10 participants per group
  • General Preparatory Program 
    • Focus on performance and injury prevention by ensuring proper movement patterns and appropriate exercise progression. 
  • Sports or lifestyle specific assessment covering our four pillars: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery
  • One on one training with a Performance Specialist based on your assessment, goals, and the physiological demands of your sport or lifestyle
  • Nutrition consultation with supplementation based on Performance Dietitian recommendations. 
  • Post Operation Performance Training
    • Individual training routine built to coincide with your post operation physical therapy sessions. 
    • Performance Specialists work with Physical Therapists to develop a training plan to keep you in shape while you recover from injury or surgery
  • Ortho Bridge Program 
    • Individual training program designed to assist athletes with the transition from physical therapy to return to play
    • Training sessions will prepare athletes physiologically and psychologically for the demands of their sport 
    • This program not only focuses on improvement in physical performance but also works to reduce the likelihood of re-injury
  • Progressive performance training for teams or groups of individuals
  • May be included as part of an existing sports camp or a stand-alone program to prepare athletes for the physiological demands of their sport whether it be preseason, in season, or offseason. 
  • These programs are tailored to the team’s needs and may include, but are not limited to: strength and conditioning, nutrition education or consultation, and performance testing
  • Assessments designed to provide baseline or performance improvement data on individuals or teams performance measures. 
  • Assessments are tailored to each individual or teams needs and may include testing on any of the following components of fitness: Endurance (VO2 Max), Strength, Power, Speed, Agility, Mobility.
  • Nutrition services vary based on individual or team needs
    • Education: Nutrition 101
    • Individual or Team Consultation
    • Meal Plan Building
    • Body Composition Testing
    • Supplementation 
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