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Musculoskeletal Screening

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Annual musculoskeletal screenings involve a series of movement assessments to identify movement or performance related deficiency’s that can lead to, or have already caused, an injury. From this assessment our performance staff can prescribe corrective exercises and/or higher level performance training programs to keep you doing the things we all love to do in our active mountain community.  

Annual musculoskeletal screenings for both youth and adults involve:

Initial Private Assessment and Consultation (60min)
  • Movement Assessment (30min)
    • Functional Movement Screen 
    • Lower Body Keiser Power Test
    • Body Composition Assessment
  • Consultation (30min)
    • Exercise and injury/illness history
    • Review movement assessment results
    • Develop personalized goals and recommendations to improve wellness and performance based off of the movement assessment measures, exercise and injury/illness history, and personal preferences.