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AxGen Genetic Testing and Preventative Performance Training

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Know your risks with AxGen. Injuries are the largest and most mysterious negative factor in performance. And your DNA has a lot to say about how and when you get hurt. An AxGen test gives you a competitive edge by providing specific and research-backed data about your genetic risk for injury, and an empowering personalized plan of action to reduce those risks.

Howard Head Performance is here to help you understand your risk and develop a plan for training to keep you performing at your best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

Why do I need genetic testing? 
Injury related genetic testing allows you to gain a better understanding of your predisposition to specific injury and how your body metabolizes certain performance related substances such as caffeine and ibuprofen. By examining previous injury history, the demands of your current sport and your specific genetic report allows our performance staff to develop programming and advise you on your best course of action to avoid further injury and achieve your specific goals.

What do you do with my genetic material?  
Your genetic material is sent to a lab in Atlanta, Georgia where it is tested for the specific indicators set forth by Axgen and then destroyed after testing is complete.

How does genetic testing work?  
Genetic testing works by capturing your DNA and sending it to a testing facility were it is analyzed to collect data and sent back to you and Howard Head Performance to review.

How do I get a test and schedule my genetic consultation?  
To get your testing kit and schedule your consultation reach out directly to Howard Head Performance at  970-471-6808 to get started.

Sample Test Results

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